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Making Magic Monday

So here I am, not phoning it in on Monday!

Let's just take a moment to tell Sharpie how wonderful she is - WE LOVE YOU sharpiesgal!!!!

And while I'm thinking of it, did anyone else become addicted to the white chocolate BOO-tterscotch M&Ms in the last few weeks. They are my new favorite thing in the world! Well, next to you all.

SO - The weekend challenge did awesome this week! You all kicked it! As did all of the word wars! YOU ARE ALL SO DAMN IMPRESSIVE!!!! My inbox overfloweth!

Are you progressing on your Swaps of Joy? I am behind. :( There is so much knitting to do and I'm going like a mad fool. But I have set aside time throughout the week for both knitting and writing and by this time next week there should be real progress.

SoJ Reminder - We'll be signing up for gifting dates soon, and you need to leave time for beta reading as well. Let's do this!

11,667??? Are you there yet NaNo-ers? What about 700 to the minis? Is there anything we can to to help?

And have you seen what the fabulous folks have been doing with Fandom Squee? Check in and make some noise, and some words!!!

Now tell me, what are your plans to be awesome this week? What is your graphic/word/knitting goal (Man, if stitches counted...)? Have you cheered people on? Go pick someone at random and tell them how much they rock?

ONE MORE WORD! Go find one challenge this week and get it done! We've got this!!!
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