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Time for Friday Word Wars ...

I'll follow my usual pattern of creating a new comment to start/stop rounds.

Round 1: 4:30 PM PDT (11:30 PM UTC) to 4:55 PM PDT (11:55 UTC)
Round 2: 5:05 PM PDT (00:05 AM UTC) to 5:30 PM PDT (00:30 UTC)
Round 3: 5:40 PM PDT (00:40 AM UTC) to 6:05 PM PDT (01:05 UTC)
Round 4: 6:15 PM PDT (01:15 AM UTC) to 6:40 PM PDT (01:40 UTC)

So what is everyone working on today/tonight? The big NaNo, mini_wrimo - some other non-nano related project?

I passed 5500 words last night - so approximately on pace with the 1667 per day.

Our results (sorry this was a little longer coming than expected):
okapi1895: 158 words
morethanmending: 666 words
yuidirnt: 700 words
severina2001: 1234 words
craterdweller: 1734 words
Total for word wars: 4492
Tags: challenge: word race

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