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You know how… the year starts and everything is shiny and new and you are invincible? You can do everything. You’re going to make your health a priority, you’re going to save all the money, you’re going to make all the words and graphics. In January possibilities become a glittery supremacy. You’ve got your cape and your pencil. Look out world!

A furnace needs to be replaced, or a family situation has arisen, a better job, a new pet, a long-awaited trip to Hawaii to meet your slash-twin happens and priorities shift a bit. You don’t have the brain to devote to a hobby after a hellish shift at work. Maybe you got totally into the healthy thing and counting words has taken a backseat to counting steps. Or it’s possible that knitting season just never really ended.

Sometimes it happens that October ends and we’re a half million behind where we were at this time last year. *sigh* Sometimes it happens.

However, we are awesome. We can do this.

I can apologize for sliding with my commitment to you all. I’ve had a large number of the above excuses happen over the course of 2016 so far, and yes, I have a lot of knitting left to do. But I can also redouble my efforts, and slave drive you all into coming up with another 6.1 million words in two months. That’s a simple 101k words a day, or 466 words per person per day. Oh man, I really need to back off the math as the break down feels even more daunting. On the other hand, that’s less than a graphic every other day.

BUT – I’m not asking for that. We all function differently, different drives, different priorities, different output. So again, what I’m asking from you is just one more. One more word, one more graphic, one more challenge. ONE MORE WORD! We’ve got this!

So right now, you should be working on your NaNo or your SoJ. Or anything at all! Coming up in December we have the 12 Days of WIPness, and 100-in-100 where I’ll leave prompts every hour for the last 100 hours in the year. See, we’ve totally got this.

I shall buckle down, you each give me one more, and we all have fun while we do this. Let’s turn this blue news into a place to get up and go from! We’re on it!

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