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Weekend Challenge: The Four Elements

Hey everyone! How's your week been? I hope you're almost done with your crossovers, and raring to go on another weekend challenge (and apologies that I still haven't completed rewards for the last one I ran; I'm going to have to make a concerted effort after this weekend to get them, August Rush rewards, and anything for this weekend done before too many more weeks pass!)

Anyway, without further ado... this weekend challenge is about Earth, Air, Water & Fire

I have found lists of songs featuring something to do with each of the four elements - be it ground or earth; wind or blowing; ocean or river; fire or burning; or something along those lines - there is a selection to choose from! All you have to do is give me one or more of the four elements above and the number of prompts you want for each element - whether that's one or several is up to you - and I'll give you a title and artist. For example, if you want one Fire prompt and two Water prompts: Fire 1, Water 2

Alternatively, if you want to go graphic, add the word 'pic' to your comment and I'll come up with something there. YES, you can have both songs and pics if you want; just specify which for each, e.g. Fire 1 song; Air 1 pic; Earth 2 songs.

What you make from there is up to you! A fic of 500+ words, a wallpaper, a series of icons; all are great! And for all who complete the challenge before midnight Sunday in your timezone, I will offer up two icons of your choice, 100 words in one of my WIPs, or a drabble+ of your choice in a fandom you know I write (if you don't know which they are, refer to the 'Rewards Offered' link in the list at the top left of the comm page).

Now, don't be afraid to take a step across the ground, dip your toes in the water, and feel that cool breeze of inspiration before the burning need to write strikes you! Comment away! I'm off to bed right now, but when I come back in the morning, I'll have those prompts for you! ;-)
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