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Swap of Joy - Claim your joy!

Sign ups are now over folks! It's time to claim the Joy you'd like to fill!


Below the cut are the Joy lists of gifts people would like to receive. There are no names listed here, and we'll keep the comments here screened as well.

Remember if you listed a Joy, you need to claim one! And too, while there are some Joys that will be securely within your wheelhouse, consider doing something that will stretch you a bit as an artist.

We ask that when you comment to make your claim you list out three of them. We'd like you to rank them in order of your preferences. You are more than welcome to list more than three if you so choose.

Claims are filled on a first come/first serve basis. We will do our best to strike through a Joy list once it has been claimed, but we don't promise super-speed.

You will be contacted via PM as to which Joy you got. If you are not PM enabled, please leave an e-mail address where we can reach you (again, comments are screened).

Joy Request #1: CLAIMED Fandom: Marvel – Anything Gen or Winter Soldier/Hawkeye, Supernatural – Destiel, Inception – Arthur/Eames, Magnificent Seven – Faraday/Vasquez, Star Trek AOS – McChekov, Mortal Instruments – Malec, H50 – McDanno, Teen Wolf, SGU, Young Justice, HP. Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: Gen is always good. Slash is too. I’m not big on Het or FemSlash. Pairings as above or go Gen. Preferences/Kinks: Competency as a kink. Dislikes/Squicks: BDSM, watersports or the like. Non-canon children. Mpreg. Genderswap. Non-Con Highest rating: NC-17 Canon you don’t want: Clint isn’t married. Faraday didn’t die. Alec is shorter than Magnus (book canon not TV canon), Derek is an Alpha, and Wally didn’t disappear. BUT if the fic is better with canon, then… You do what you need to do. Scenario: First time. Retail AU (coffee, book, whatever). High School/College AU. Random meeting that might have happened before Canon. “Goodnight my someone” – Character A overhears Character B whispering ‘goodnight my someone’/wishing on a star/begging a fairy godmother. Illness hallucination – Character A thinks they saw/heard something highly personal in regards to Character B while they were drugged/healing/mentally compromised. Case fic is always good – Random serial killer – drug/weapons smuggler – corporate espionage – random cereal killer. Non-fandom things: Puppies, yarn, pristine winter scenes, ocean at sunrise/sunset, COFFEE!

Joy Request #2 CLAIMED Fandom: Agents of SHIELD, Star Wars, Stargate Atlantis, MCU, Once Upon A Time, Arrow, Flash (full list furnished to filler) Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: Het, Slash, Femslash Preferences/Kinks: Bondage, Femdom, Hurt/Comfort, Comfort Sex, Humor, Fluff, Smut, Happy Endings Dislikes/Squicks: Deathfics, Rape/Non Con, Nothing involving bodily fluids except for bloodplay, Mpreg Highest rating: NC-17 Canon you don’t want: If it's Star Wars I would like one where Han doesn't die Non-fandom things you might like: fanmix, icon,

Joy Request #3 CLAIMED Fandom: H50 - Steve/Danny Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: Gen or Slash Preferences/Kinks: Happy endings, first times, AUs are good (but not high school, pls), hurt/comfort Dislikes/Squicks: Non-con, hurt with no comfort Highest Rating: All the way BB - NC17 Canon you don’t want: I'm good with anything Scenario/Scene/setting you might like: Christmas stories are always welcome

Joy Request #4 CLAIMED Fandom: SPN: Destiel, H50: McDanno, Suits: Mike/Harvey, LOST: Jawyer or Jack/Kate/Sawyer Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: Slash preferred, or Gen Preferences/Kinks: I like first time fic, but I also like established relationship as much as I like first time. If you’re looking to weave in some angst, I like miscommunication and/or relationship tension/fear-of-loss fic. I also reeeealllly love “they haven’t seen each other in years, but one day he walks into a bar, and…there he is” type of stories. Aside from that, pretty much anything except for major character death is good. A happy ending is not required. Dislikes/Squicks: No inclusion of any canon het relationships. No de-aging, or AUs of the “Dean is a firefighter” type. No kids, other than Grace in H50. </b>Highest rating:</b> Gen to E - any rating is fine. Canon you don’t want: Only what’s mentioned above. Scenario It’s kind of hard for me to suggest stuff outside of holiday themed because it's such a big world of ideas out there -- so if something comes to mind then go with it by all means. But if you are going holiday theme, then a ‘Team Free Will’ Christmas would make me very, very happy. For Marvey, maybe their first holiday together- with either work or travel or something else conspiring to keep them apart. For McDanno, you can’t miss- I’ll be excited for anything you create with them. Non-fandom things: Well, it’s still kind of fandom, but… maybe make a playlist of songs for writing to? Apple Music or 8 Tracks? If you like one of my pairings, maybe some songs that bring them to mind could be pulled together.

Joy Request #5 CLAIMED Fandom: MCU: Clint/Tony, Tony/Natasha, Phil/Clint, Clint/Bruce, Bruce/Pepper; CSI: Miami: Horatio/Ryan, Horatio/Rick, Horatio/Speed; Enterprise: Archer/Trip, Trip/Malcolm, Trip/T'Pol, Archer/Malcolm; Hawaii 5-0: Steve/Danny, Danny/Chin, Steve/Adam, Danny/Kono Gen/Het/Slash/Femslash: Het or Slash Preferences/Kinks: light bondage, role playing, au's Dislikes/Squicks: blood play, scat,a/b/o, hardcore bdsm Highest Rating: NC-17 Canon you don't want: For MCU, no Civil War Scenario Up for anything Non-fandom things Christmas to be less glittery, lots of snuggles with my girls, and peace on earth

Joy Request #6 CLAIMED Fandom: Arrow - Felicity/Oliver, Thea/Roy, Sara/Nyssa, Constantine - Black Sails - Long John Silver, Captain Flint (can be slash or gen) - Brooklyn Nine Nine - Jake/Amy - Les Miserables - e/R, Combeferre/Grantaire, Cosette/Marius, Cosette/Eponine, Eponine/Commbeferre - Glee - Klaine - Chuck - Chuck/Bryce, Devon/Ellie, Morgan/Alex - White Collar - Peter/Neal/El Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: Happy for anything to be gen, just the pairings above if going to do pairings :) Preferences/Kinks: Kinks wise I am so down for non-sexual submission esp. if it is the least likely person as the sub like Sub!Oliver, Dom!Felicity. Dislikes/Squicks: Sexy times, non-canon character death, permanent injury (non-canon) Highest rating: M Canon you don’t want: Bryce doesn't die (Chuck), Bryce should never die Scenario: I am always happy for AUs especially dystopian type things but yeah roll out all the cliche AUs you can think off. I am also so down for angst. Fandom specifically: Arrow: Fine with anything, not too keen on AUs where the island didn't happen. As I said above I love Sub!Oliver. I also love stories more about the Bratva. - Black Sails: Modern AUs where these two fools irritate each other. Or a continuation of the series to what might happen when John has to become Long John Silver - Brooklyn Nine Nine: More details into the Florida times would be nice but again, happy for anything - Les Miserables: Again Modern AUs are where it is at. I love first meetings and feeling in love for these two. I also love the idea that Valjean adopted both Cosette and Grantaire - Glee: Post series fluff :) simple as - Chuck: Bryce lives and Bryce joins Carmichael Industries are my favourite things. I also love white collar crossovers - White Collar: Crossovers with Chuck are good and I love angst in this fandom Non-fandom things:: I also like icons with cute animals and any short stories would be much appreciated

Joy Request #7: CLAIMED Fandom: H50: Steve/Danny, Mary/Matthew; Teen Wolf: Derek/Stiles Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: Het, slash, gen Preferences/Kinks: mpreg, genderbend, schmoop, carguments, first time, pre-slash, happy ending, competent characters getting shit done Dislikes/Squicks: character bashing, any heavy BDSM, Scat, Watersports, major character death Highest rating: anything you want to give </b>Canon you don’t want: Steve/Catherine, Steve/Lynn, Danny/Amber(Melissa), Danny/Gabby, Danny/Rachel, Derek/Braeden, Stiles/Malia, Stiles/Lydia Scenario: Hawaii Five-0 --During a case the team encounters a kid who is the son of the victim who is deaf and Steve stuns everyone by being able to communicate by using sign language. Watching this is like an arrow straight to Danny's heart, feel free to include a backstory as to how Steve knows how to sign. --Grace feels unsure of her (and Charlie's) place in Danny's life now that he and Steve are together so Steve decides to show them just how much they mean to both of them. --everyone bonding with Charlie now that Danny has him more --Something revolving around the extended families (McGarrett/Williams) meeting under unusual circumstances --Mary settling into her role as a single mother --family time - Steve, Mary, Joan, Aunt Deb, maybe Doris if you're feeling generous. bonus if Danny, Grace and Charlie are included. --AU where Mary and Matt meet while Mary is a flight attendant and convinces Matt to turn himself in - Teen Wolf --single parent Derek and/or single parent Stiles --Stiles turned into a werewolf instead of Scott - Non-Fandom Specific --"a day in the life of..." put them in your work/school environment so they have to live out a day in your life...or something like that. ha Non-fandom things: anything you'd be willing to give! My favorite color is pink, my favorite states are California and Hawaii, anything related to Tyler Hoechlin, Dylan O'Brien and Scott Caan

Joy Request #8 CLAIMED Fandom: Common Law: Any, although I love Travis/Wes - Supernatural: Any, especially light and fluffy stuff with Dean and Cas (and Sam, Charlie, whatever) - Rizzoli & Isles: Jane +or/ Maura, family fics because Ma Rizzoli is awesome. Any kind of original fic or artwork is awesome, too. - Ask K or H if there's something not listed because I watch too much TV and might like whatever you're thinking. Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: All, I'm not picky! Preferences/Kinks: Surprise me, not much squicks me out, so go for it. Dislikes/Squicks: Violence without a purpose, harm/abuse of children Highest rating: How high does the scale go? Canon you don’t want: I'm open for anything. Scenario: Darker fics for things like Supernatural or other paranormal/fantasy kind of genres. Funny or crackfic works for all. Let your imagination run wild - I'm a voracious reader with a wide range of interests. Non-fandom things: I'm all about the animals (bunnies, hamsters, penguins, platypus), desert scenes, cowboys, anything pretty and relaxing works. Icons, wallpapers, it's all welcome.

Joy Request #9 CLAIMED Fandom: Roswell: Max Evans/Liz Parker - Charmed: Cole Turner/Phoebe Halliwell - Star-Crossed: Roman/Emery - Doctor Who: Nine/Rose Tyler - Stargate Atlantis: John Sheppard/Ronon Dex, John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, John Sheppard/Carson Beckett, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, Carson Beckett/Rodney McKay - Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series: Angel/Buffy Summers, Riley Finn/Buffy Summers, Rupert Giles/Buffy Summers, Charles Gunn/Winifred Burkle, Lorne/Winifred Burkle - Supernatural: Dean Winchester/Benny Lafitte, John Winchester/Jo Harvelle - The Vampire Diaries: Damon Salvatore/Elena Gilbert, Damon Salvatore/Elena Gilbert/Stefan Salvatore - True Blood: Bill Compton/Sookie Stackhouse - Once Upon A Time: Rumple/Belle, Prince Charming/Snow White, Captain Hook/Emma, Sheriff Graham/Emma, Neal Cassidy/Emma, Prince Charming/Captain Hook Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: Het or Slash Preferences/Kinks: Fluff, Romance, Slice of Life, Happy Endings, Friends to Lovers, Porn, Porn without plot, Biting (for the vampire fandoms), Daddy Kink, First Time Dislikes/Squicks: Absolutely no character death, cheating, scat, watersports, mpreg, femslash, Tess(Roswell), Teyla(Stargate Atlantis), And I don't want any of my guys paired with anyone other than who I have them listed with. Highest rating: Doesn't matter, go as high or low as you'd like. :D Canon you don’t want: For Roswell Max and Liz are together and absolutely no Tess. For Charmed nothing after Season 4 (I want Cole to stay a demon) and he and Phoebe are together. For The Vampire Diaries nothing after Season 4. Let's pretend Elena never forgot Damon and she never turned human again and they're still together. For True Blood nothing after Season 2 Bill never died and he and Sookie never broke up. For Doctor Who Nine never regenerated and he and Rose are together. For Supernatural John Winchester never dies and Benny never leaves. For Star-Crossed forget the ending. Roman and Emery are together and stay that way. Scenario: For Roswell we got to see Max and Liz after the wedding but we didn't get to see the wedding itself. But I'll love anything with the pairings I have listed. Non-fandom things: I love icons, wallpapers(1920x1080), banners/lovebars, and fics... pretty much anything with the men I have listed and I am a very happy camper. Especially wallpapers of Jason Behr with the short hair or long hair I'm really not picky :D

Joy Request #10 CLAIMED Fandom: Hawaii Five-0: Steve/Danny - NCIS-verse: Tony/Jimmy, Tony/Tim, Tony/Abby, Tony/Kate, Tony/Pride, Callen/Deeks, Deeks/Tony - Criminal Minds/NCIS: Spencer/Jimmy, Spencer/Tony, Tony/Garcia - Criminal Minds: Spencer/Garcia - Stargate-verse: Sheppard/Lorne, Lorne/Parrish, Jack/Sam, Jack/Daniel - McGyver/NCIS: Jack Dalton/Tony Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: het, slash or gen Preferences/Kinks: happy endings, AUs (Sentient/Guide, superpowers, wolf pack, supernatural, secret agents etc), kid!fic, holidays!fic, domestic!fic, established relationship, coming out, first time, Dom/sub, light BDSM (spanking, bondage etc) Dislikes/Squicks: M-preg, high school AUs, sad endings, death, heavy BDSM, non-consent Highest rating: NC-17 Canon you don’t want: Tony/Ziva is a big no-no Scenario: 1. Planning Christmas as a family/team 2. Some light whump - e.g. someone gets in trouble and the team/partner rescues them 3. Sentient/Guides is one of my favourite stories to read so this would be awesome! 4. Anything and everything as mentioned above in the Preferences section! (lol) Non-fandom things: I would love some new icons for any of the fandoms/pairings above, any kind of wallpapers, maybe new banners for my LJ (anything which matches the blue layout) - Thanks in advance for anything you make! :D

Joy Request #11 CLAIMED Fandom: True Blood - Eric (Eric/Sookie) - Once Upon a Time - Rumplestiltskin (Rumple/Belle) - The Legend of Tarzan - John (John/Jane) - The Walking Dead - Daryl (Daryl/Beth, Daryl/Glenn) Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: As noted in the pairings above Preferences/Kinks: Happy or hopeful endings. True Love. Protective instincts. Dislikes/Squicks: Rape/Non-Con. Angst without resolution. Highest rating: Whatever you are comfortable with. Canon you don’t want: For The Walking Dead - Beth never died. For True Blood - Sookie never rejected Eric. In the words of Tim Gunn: "make it work". LOL I just want my pairings together *somehow*, even if their real creators mucked it all up. Scenario: For fanfic: As long as things end on a happy/hopeful note, I'll be pleased. For graphics: sigtags (300x150) for any of the characters/pairings above. (Team Dish/severina). True Blood sigtags would be especially happily received as I have none. Would also love some True Blood icons (any character except Bill.) Non-fandom things: - Suggestions for landcomms - Suggestions for prompt challenge communities - Anything related to Alexander Skarsgard :)

Joy Request #12 CLAIMED Fandom: Star Trek AOS: Kirk/McCoy, McCoy/Spock, BBC Sherlock: John/Sherlock, Mycroft/Lestrade, Elementary: Jamie Moriarty/Sherlock, Kitty Winter/Sherlock, The Flash and Supergirl: Kara/Barry Allen, Kara/Adam Foster, Barry/Iris, Caitlin/Jay Garrick Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: I am good with Gen, Het, or Slash Preferences/Kinks: fluffy romantic stories, friendship stories, casefics, first time, figuring out their feelings for each other during a case and/or mission, angst but with a happy ending, AUs of any sort. Dislikes/Squicks: Dark fics, non-con, rape, incest, abusiveness, or sexual torture Highest rating: I’m good with any rating Canon you don’t want: No Sherlock/Mycroft or Kara/Alex Scenario: Star Trek AOS Spock or Jim needs to go all out to convince McCoy he’s serious about his romantic feelings for the doctor, BBC Sherlock Mrs. Hudson gets fed up with her boys dancing around their feelings for each other and she does something about it Non-fandom things: I love Christmas themed fics/icons/wallpapers

Joy Request #13 CLAIMED Fandom: H50 - McDanno, Steve/Adam, Steve/Chin, general team bamfness including Kono; Lost - Sawyer/Sayid, Jack/Boone, Jack/Sawyer(/Sayid); Star Trek AOS: McChekov, Kirk/McCoy/Chekov, Chekov/Sulu; The Flash/Arrow - Barry/Cisco, Barry/Iris/Cisco, Barry & Felicity friendship, Oliver/Tommy, Oliver/Slade, Oliver/Felicity(/Ray); Shadowhunters (any medium): Malec, Simon/Rafael, Jace/Alec, Izzy/Simon (without porn) or just bamf gen Izzy; Magnificent Seven (2016 movie) - Faraday/Vasquez, Goodnight/Billy, Faraday/Tommy Q; Fast & Furious - Dom/Brian; Torchwood - Janto, Jack/John; RPS also works for me for any of the actors playing the above characters (I call it giving them another role, and I don't know anything about their RL, so don't let reality stop you giving them an AU setting with any reality) Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: SLASH! or gen with any of the above characters. The only het should be as shown above & preferably without actual porn. The slash can have as much porn as you like! Preferences/Kinks: First times (kisses or sex, or just being boyfriends with a guy), only gay for you, AUs of any type EXCEPT shifters/ABO type stories, caught in a compromising position, pre-canon meetings, PWP, porn with plot, slice of life gen, general bamfness of kickass characters, declarations of love at inopportune moments Dislikes/Squicks: shifter/ABO, death-fic, kid-fic (except inclusion of canon children as a minor point), mpreg, genderswap, heavy BDSM (light bondage is okay, but no 'scene' type stuff), watersports Highest rating: NC17 Canon you don’t want: H50 - Steve and Catherine can be friends but I don't like them as a romantic pairing unless it's in the past; no Kate in Lost (Juliet is okay as an incidental character); Flash - no Barry pining over Iris Scenario: I'm pretty good with anything along the lines of my preferences; set it at Christmas in summer and you'll win my heart, anything with humour is also a plus Non-fandom things: original m/m romance/plot with porn, icons of any of my faves (as above, especially the slash pairings), funny icons, pretty sparkly things

Joy Request #14 CLAIMED Fandom: MCU: Natasha, Steve, Maria, Steve/Nat(/Sam), Nat/Maria, Nat/Wanda, Nat/T'Challa, team fic (old or new), Nat&Clint (bffs, not romantic) Agents of SHIELD: Skye, Jemma, Bobbi (in any combo or altogether) Harry Potter: Harry, Hermione, Pansy, Neville, Hannah, Luna, Katie (any femslash or het combo) Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Amy, Rosa, Gina, Jake for shipping (any combo). Anyone at all for gen! Supergirl: Kara, Alex, Lucy, James, Winn, Cat (any femslash or het combo, except Kara/Alex) Star Wars: TFA: Rey, Finn, Poe (any het combo or all three). Or Rey & anyone for gen fics.Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: Gen, Het and Femslash Preferences/Kinks: I love angst. I love smut (kinky or non). I love sweet. I love first times (for anything) and missing moments and twists on canon. I also love character studies, snark and banter, badass females, vulnerable!Natasha and team fic. And finally, crossovers and fusions are awesome! Dislikes/Squicks: Over-the-top fluff, mpreg, mundane AUs (canon divergent AUs are awesome, just not high school AUs or coffee shop AUs, etc.) Highest rating: There is nothing too high :) Canon you don’t want: Harry Potter epilogue. Steve/Sharon or Nat/Bruce (past references are fine) Scenario/Scene/setting you might like: Holiday fic with someone being sad/lonely/sick/miserable and the other person surprising them. Other ideas: road trips, apocalypse, unrequited love, drinking the holidays away, sneaking away during a party to have sex, Christmas shenanigans, trapped in a cabin in the middle of a snowstorm, holidays gone wrong Non-fandom things you might like: Tropical drinks, yummy desserts, Hawaii, cute animals, anything Hufflepuff, Texas Longhorns football, Scarlett Johansson, black & white images.
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