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Comment Fic Friday

Yep, you'd be right if you thought it's been a while since there was a Comment Fic post! I will admit to getting out of the habit, but I am determined to make these entries more often from here on in!

no title

So let's kick things off with this prompt:

"Oh no, not again!"

Whether your favourite character is wondering why their offsider is late for work once more, or perhaps their old car has broken down yet again, or any number of any other repetition-type possibilities that could befall someone you like to write, it's time to roll out a quick ficlet around the size you could post in a comment (700-800 words-ish). And if it ends up a bit longer? No problem, just link it in a comment here rather than posting the whole thing.

Go on, you know you want to! ;-)
Tags: challenge: comment fic

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