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For the McDanno fans - Season 7 dialogue realization....

I'm so not one for meta but....something I just noticed on Tumbler in some season 7 dialogue just slapped me upside the head and made me smile......

Danny's wording in the middle left panel..........

Who talks that way anymore? Who says 'half the man I used to be?'  The only place one is likely to have heard those exact words in the last, oh, five decades is in the song 'Yesterday' which is, perhaps, the most romantic song ever.  A reach? Maybe, but I don't think much of one.

Danny is yearning for things to be as they were between them, but he's combative enough to call Steve on it every time Steve's been pissy lately.  Which is a lot. Why is Steve acting the way he has been? He probably "couldn't say...."   - that's pretty likely, lol.  I have a theory, though, about fear of being abandoned again so soon. Yes?

Oh, and by the way in the Middle Ages and for some time after the heart was not the seat of love and romance. It was the liver.  I belatedly see what you did there, writers.

Have any fanfic writers picked up on that? The liver being a Shakespearean organ 'o love?  I really think someone should run with it. :)

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