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Weekend Challenge: Bloody Good Quotes

Hello all, and welcome to the Weekend Challenge! While searching for a theme for this week's challenge, I went looking for unique holidays for October and discovered that October 9th is 'Leif Erikson Day'. Hmm, so Leif Erikson was a Viking explorer. What else did I know about Vikings? Nothing, except that Eric on True Blood is a Viking…. Hmmm, okay…

 photo ericbanner_zpscnxu95x3.jpg

So that's how this challenge ending up being alllll about my favourite True Blood quotes! If you know about the show you know it's about vampires and werewolves, but these are all completely generic, no worries – and all of them are work-safe (that 'work-safe' part made finding this collection a challenge in itself). I've assembled 25 quotes and you can pick up to 3 numbers. You don't have to include the quote in your creation, just use it for inspiration!

If you write 300 words or more or make anything graphically inclined you'll earn a participation banner… and I will promise to actually do some writing of my own this weekend.

Have fun!
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