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And It's Only Tuesday, or Daily Count To CanDream

First off, thanks to the lovely kaige68 for letting me have Tuesday! =) I try to scribble a little every day I work, but we all know how that goes: When you're working, you may scribble a little, but you certainly can't scribble a lot! At the start of my Tuesdays, it's just me and the babies while Drew finishes up her work week, so it makes for the perfect writing time.


If I can get myself up out of bed when I'm supposed to.

Which didn't happen today. I finally crawled out two hours later, but despite my late start, I was just nearing 5k when my baby got home and started screaming. As some of y'all know, we kind of run our own non-kill cat shelter here, which can be trying with only two adults to deal with all our babies.

Our Princess recently got attacked by a dog who shouldn't have been anywhere NEAR our yard and is still on the mend. Clearly, she's not to go out again at least not any time soon (as many times as she's already gotten out on us, I fear the enevitable will eventually happen, but I'll be damned if I'll let it happen while she's still healing!), but she got out on Drew when she was coming in.

And she wasn't the only one! Bambi, one of our nearly one year-old kittens who we don't let out yet, also bailed ship, and all this, while his brother was screaming because he'd somehow gotten stuck in the bottom part of my recliner (which I couldn't hear on the other end of the house).

Babies finally safe and settled back in again (and Momma with one leg pretty well eaten by ants while crawling up underneath the trailer to rescued the frightened Bambi), I got to return to finishing my story. I did manage a whole 5,190 words(!), which is both considerably more than I'd hoped for with the start of my morning and less than I'd hoped to do before I couldn't get myself up today. But all in all, I'm calling it a win, hoping to do some graphics later, and now officially calling forward our next person . . .

To the ever talented candream, may you totally kick words (or/and graphics) tomorrow!
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