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Slow Sated Sunday: A Tale Told Horizontally


Ah, Monday - who doesn’t want to pretend it’s Sunday? I do! So let’s try that, with this week’s (sorry, late) Slow Sated Sunday Prompt…

This week’s prompt: Pillow Talk!

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the benefits of pillow talk:
- it’s good for bonding physically and emotionally
- it’s not chit-chat - disclosure and sharing are key
- so it’s about vulnerability.

Hmm… lots to work with there, yes?

It’s also a key device in spy movies/novels, with a ‘honeypot’ being a trap using sex to lure an enemy agent and get the classified goods from him/her.

So… spy AU? :). Eeeeee. Yes, spy AU, maybe.

And last but not least, for those who’d like to keep it PG, the term can also apply to flirting of a more casual nature in a not necessarily physical relationship.

Good luck, and have a great week, all!
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