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1 million words challenge

Hello I am hanorganaas formally theladymore in case anyone is confused and I am running this months challenge.

Do you think Han Solo/Melinda May would make a hot couple? Do you think Laurel Lance and Rory Gilmore would be best friends if so this challenge is right for you.

Your challenge if you should accept is to make a crossover fic and or graphics.

If you complete the challenge it you shall be rewarded with a Drabble with at least 200 words.

The Minimum Requirement is 500 Words, 5-9 icons, or 1 wallpaper OR A MIXTURE OF BOTH.

Bonus challenge: You will choose a crossover chosen by someone else.

Have fun and if you have any questions or want to say what you are writing...please do so here!
Tags: challenge: crossovers
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