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Bingo Blackout

A slight bit late posting this up but I'm blaming the chest infection I haven't been able to shift! A blackout for the make up/break up 4x4 card.

There were two squares marked "longing" on it so with the mods permission, I switched one for "reunion" which dovetailed nicely with a story I'd been fiddling about with for literally years and finally got the impetus to finish and post!

Fourteen stories in various fandoms:

Finding each other
Luke Cage, Luke Cage/Claire Temple, 550 words

I'm sorry
The Flash, Joe West/Caitlin Snow, 813 words

Holding on
The West Wing, Leo McGarry/Ainsley Hayes, 163 words

One last time
The Flash, Joe West/Caitlin Snow, 628 words

Don't let go
The Flash, Joe West/Caitlin Snow, 397 words

Letting go
Legends of Tomorrow, Sara Lance/Rip Hunter, 535 words

The Flash, Caitlin Snow/Joe West, 498 words

Without you
Sherlock, Molly Hooper/Greg Lestrade, 424 words

Make up
Sleepy Hollow, Frank Irving/Jenny Mills, 239 words

Memories of you, won't let go
NCIS Los Angeles, Nate Getz/Kensi Blye, 539 words

Never again
Luke Cage, Claire Temple/Luke Cage, 819 words

Make up sex
The Flash, Joe West/Caitlin Snow, 1261 words

Break up, sorrow
The Flash, Joe West/Caitlin Snow, 1339 words

The West Wing/Fame, Will Bailey/Reggie Higgins, 17879 words
Tags: challenge: bingo, creation: fic

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