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Monthly Madness: Original Fic

Hey there to all our original fic writers! *waves* How are you doing these days? Still working on something that comes under the Original Fic banner?

Maybe it's short stories; maybe it's a full-length novel or novels; or maybe you're just writing a few slices of life for your own characters. Whatever you're doing, share with us something about writing your favourite (or not-so-favourite!) characters.

Here's a few questions you could answer (if you want) about one (or more) of them:

1. Where did the character come from? (Based on someone you know or have read about? Entirely from your own imagination? Somewhere else entirely?)
2. What drives them in your story? (are they looking for something/someone; on a quest; need to prove themselves to someone? Something else?)
3. What makes you like/dislike them?
4. How do you try to make them real?
5. Who do they interact best/worst with in your story/stories?

I must admit, I've been very slack with keeping up on my original fic this year, so I'm going to skip over my characters right now, but I'm all ears about yours! ;-)
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