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Weekend Challenge: Queen of the Damned!

Hello and welcome to this weekend's challenge! Hopefully this is going to provide some interesting prompts for you! I've grabbed a book off my bookshelf, and if you're an Anne Rice fan, you're gonna love it! If you're not, I'm fairly sure there will still be some great lines that you can use in whichever fandom (or original fic if you prefer!) you like!

Here's how I'm working it:

The book has 448 pages, starting from page 3 (If you really want page 1, there's a poem there I can give you a line from, but the only thing on page 2 is the title, so if you choose that page, all you'll get is 'Queen of the Damned'!) so comment here with a number between 3 and 448 and one of these words: TOP, MIDDLE, BOTTOM.

I will then pick a sentence or phrase that seems inspiring from the relevant portion of the page you've asked for, and give it to you. Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to write at least 300 words, or create at least three icons/a banner from that prompt.

You may chose more than one prompt, and create in whatever fandom (or none) that you like! If you create something before Sunday midnight where you live, I will either write you a drabble in one of these fandoms (you choose which), make you an icon of your choice (any fandom or none; just point me there), or failing that, I'll happily add 100 words to one of my WIPs for you.

So come on down, step out and ask for a page and position *wink wink* ;-)
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