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Comment Fic Friday

And I am not so good at keeping up with these, but randomly you get one today!

no title

This time your prompt is:


Now whether it's your favourite character being misled for a prank; the evil villain being misled so they'll give up the plan; someone else entirely who's been led down the wrong track by complete accident; or any other thing you can come up with, I'd love to see your take on it! A comment fic should be a bite-sized ficlet in your chosen fandom (or original if you want!): something that fits in a comment (700-800 words generally, though we won't complain if you choose to do more!)

Any fandom; any genre; any characters - no time limit! All we ask is if you use this prompt, link or post your ficlet here so we can see it! ;-)
Tags: challenge: comment fic

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