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Daily Count Challenge - September!

Stupendous September!

Comment here and I'll put you on the list and it's entirely possible that I'll remember to start naming contestants on the first!

It's as simple as stepping up when your name is called and doing your utmost to meet your own daily word count (whatever that may be). When you finish, write a small bragging post and call up the next contestant!

Be accountable for one day!

Okay folks, where I'm out of town for a good chunk of the month, we're going to do things a little different. You sign up and I'LL ASSIGN DATES! Per usual, if there's any days you can't do let me know, and repeaters feel free to say so. The assignment list will get posted on the first. When your day is over, chime in with what you've done and we'll tell you how awesome you are!

Who's in?

Days are now assigned for September! If you missed out, feel free to join in on the last day, or else join a friend on their day! Please pass on to the next person on this list once your day is done:

Thurs 1 erinm_4600
Fri 2 candream
Sat 3 slashluv18
Sun 4 morethanmending
Mon 5 agdhani
Tues 6 tkeylasunset
Wed 7 hanorganaas
Thurs 8 garonne
Fri 9 galadriel34
Sat 10 thtwzjustadream
Sun 11 erinm_4600
Mon 12 haldoor
Tues 13 flipflop_diva
Wed 14 slashluv18
Thurs 15 garonne
Fri 16 guineamania
Sat 17 agdhani
Sun 18 hanorganaas
Mon 19 weakmoments
Tues 20 candream
Wed 21 severina2001
Thurs 22 flipflop_diva
Fri 23 starry_wolf
Sat 24 garonne
Sun 25 erinm_4600
Mon 26 slashluv18
Tues 27 agdhani
Wed 28 weakmoments
Thurs 29 candream
Fri 30 anyone who didn't make it on their day and everyone who wants to go again

And if you can't make your day and would like to swap, please let us know asap and we'll do what we can!
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