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Weekend Challenge: A is for ...

Welcome to this week's weekend challenge, now I'm sure we all remember the "A is for Ant/Apple, B is for Bear/Ball" learning technique from when we were children and about to embark on learning the alphabet.

However this time the words are going to be a little more difficult!

Your challenge is:

- Give me a letter and I will reply with a randomly generated word beginning with that letter
- That word must then be the focus of a fic or graphic created by you, my adoring public
- The fic must be at least 300 words and graphics must be a minimum of three icons (other graphics are available)
- The deadline is the end of the day on Sunday (whenever your timeszone is)
- I will then write you a ficlet if we share any fandoms (see here: or make you a series of icons of anything you request or add 100 words to a WIP (I have many WIPs)

Have fun ;)
Guinea out!
Tags: weekend: challenge
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