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August Rush: Days 12 and 13

Sorry for the delay everyone, I was really out of it after having dental surgery on Monday and completely forgot about this!
Anyway so I will post two photos for each fandom in this post to get us back on track.
Thanks for your patience

Sense-8 - Wolfgang and Kala

Sense-8 - Hernando, Daniela and Lito

Angel - ?

Angel - Jasmine

Avengers - Captain America

Avengers - Security Guard that discovered Bruce Banner

Teen Wolf - Alison and Lydia

Teen Wolf - Liam

X-Men - Mystique/Raven

X-Men - Professor Charles Xavier

Star Trek Voyager - Janeway gears up for battle ("Macrocosm")

Star Trek Voyager - Kes uses her telepathic powers to create fire ("Cold Fire")

Tags: challenge: august rush
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