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August Rush: slight delay on Day 12

Hey & hello to all August Rush challengers! Hope all is going well for you and you're getting inspired anew with every set of photos! Don't forget you can start at any time during the month and complete a creation for as many or as few fandoms/pictures/days as you like. Just remember to link your creation back to the day it fits with OR with one of our weekly round-ups. Please be sure to mention what day it's for if you link to the weekend post/s.

I have two apologies: one regarding last weekend's round-up. As many of you know it was my birthday weekend, and there seemed to be a lot going on at home and around, so the whole thing kind of slipped me by. However, I will make that up by doing a double-catch up post this weekend coming.

Secondly, I must apologise that today's post has been delayed. This is due to circumstances beyond our control, but I will have access to the pics as soon as I finish work in about 3-4 hours, so it will go up then.

*hugs* to guineamania and severina2001!
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