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Monday again!

Hey there! It’s me! I know, I missed me too!

It’s been skunks and sick family and home repair and skunks. Clearly, all the good things. How have you all been? Doing all the things? I see that August Rush and the recent weekend challenges have been setting some of you on fire! THAT IS AWESOME! But you’d still be awesome no matter what.

And what are your awesome plans for the upcoming week? I need to knit like a lunatic, find my blue/green sunglasses, and alter a pair of linen pants. Some words might be nice too.

And now to the ‘let’s discuss’ portion of Monday: What is the best invention of all time?

My second thought was the Gutenberg press. Clearly paving the way to make so many things available to many more people than just the privileged. HUGE step forward. HUGE! And certainly making it more possible for people to make more words!!!

But I have to admit, that my first thought was the fax machine. My very first job after college was as a Medical Transportation Reservationist. Yeah, I took phone calls and set up rides to the doctor or hospital. But I had to let the transportation companies know about the rides and when and where to pick up and so on. It was 1990, and rather than having to call each company and read them 5 pages of client pick-ups and drop offs, we faxed over the pages! And they didn’t have to call and read us the time sheets for verification, they faxed them back! It was magic! MAGIC! There was no internet for everyone, there was no e-mail, scanners, or smart phones available, but there was a magic machine, with a roll of thermal paper that made the whole system run smoothly. While there have been a lot of advances with bookkeeping/office work (It’s all about me, people), the fax is the one that I saw a huge time saving difference in.

YAY for a new week!
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