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Birthdays: August

For August, we've got three birthdays!

First up, the all-amazing, the all-wonderful, haldoor! I don't think we're doing Haldoor's Birthday Bonanza again this year, but on 14th Aug, please shower her with all the love you can possibly spare, for organising such a great comm year after year!

((** shamelessly stolen from haldoor's Swap of Joy 2015 wishlist))

H50: Steve/Danny, Steve/Adam, Steve/Chin
Lost: Jack/Boone, Jack/Sawyer, Sawyer/Sayid, Sawyer/Jack/Sayid, Sawyer/Boone, Jack/Desmond, Sawyer/Miles, Miles/Richard, Sawyer/Miles/Richard
The Flash/Arrow: Oliver/Felicity/Ray, Cisco/Ray, Barry/Cisco, Oliver/Slade, Oliver/Tommy, Barry/Eddie, Barry/Eddie/Iris, Barry & Felicity friendship, Team Flash - any kickass bonding sessions!
ST AOS: Bones/Chekov, Chekov/Sulu, Kirk/Bones, Kirk/Sulu
Torchwood: Jack/Ianto, Jack/John Hart
Firefly: Mel/Simon, Mel/Jayne, team gen, kickass Zoe & intimidated Jayne
HTGAWM: Oliver/Connor
Revenge: Nolan/Patrick, Aiden/Daniel
Fast & Furious: Brian/Dom
Shadowhunters(TV)/Mortal Instruments books 1-4: Magnus/Alec, Alec/Jace, Simon/Raphael
Sense8: Lito/Hernando(/Daniela), Will being confused about having sex with men
Sleepy Hollow: gen
Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: Slash first off, but happy with gen; the only het is as above in threesomes, thank you!
Preferences/Kinks: Hurt/Comfort, angsty, porny but deepish, PWP, mild kink (no heavy BDSM), first kiss, first times, unrequited becomes requited, gay for you, humour
Dislikes/Squicks: Heavy kink (except for Sawyer in Lost; I'll go all the way for him, especially if it's Sayid on top!) Mpreg, curtain-buying, over-fluffy stuff and kidfic (although Grace is OK in H50); scat, blood, water or other kinky sexplay of that nature
Highest rating: NC-17
Canon you don’t want: no het canon pairings, unless part of a threesome; no walking into heaven through a door filled with light (Lost)
Scenario/Scene/setting you might like:
Pretty much anything with kissing, sensual touching, humour, or slow building realisations of returned affection/sexual interest, kick-ass team bonding moments for gen fic
Non-fandom things you might like (eg wallpapers/icons/short story scene): icons about music, humorous sayings, tigers, the colour orange, or Hitchhikers Guide quotes; lovebars for Steve McGarrett or Sawyer Ford; Original fic with hot gay men who are into each other to the point of distraction

On 26th Aug, we've got tellshannon815, whose wishlist can be found right here!

Rounding up the month on 29th Aug, we've got llblckraincloud, whose wishlist can be found here!

As usual, comments are screened, so please leave a note if you're making them something! Or if haldoor wants to edit her wishlist, given that the one I've got is 7 months out of date :P
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