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O is for Oven

Title: Piper's Treats
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Charmed
Character/Pairing: Cole/Piper
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words A to Z Challenge: O
Warning(s): AU
Word Count: 1,361
Date Written: 31 July 2016
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Spelling Entertainment, not the author, and are used without their permission.

Cole stands, looking down at the scales, with a troubled heart and a heavy sigh. He'd try to hold in all the negative that's happened to him since he met the love of his life, but he knows it wouldn't do any good. He can't age, and Piper has done wonderful things for and to him, but the simple fact that he is that he can, and has, gained weight.

He frowns, looking at the numbers and grumbling underneath his breath. He knew he should have been too late for dinner last night, but she always gets so upset when he misses a meal. It's also not like he actually misses any meals with her caring for him. She saves plates for him, making certain he always has plenty to eat and popping dinner into the microwave for him the moment he shows up, even if it is with a little of her own grumbling. He knows it's an insult to a cook if their food has to be eaten cold unless it truly could not be helped, but still, fried chicken and mashed potatoes before bed? He should have known better.

Perhaps, he considers not for the first time, he should start an exercise regime. He could pop down to Hell and vanquish a few Demons after each meal. That should help. But he doesn't have that much time with Piper now. What he does usually comes before, during, or after one of her delectable meals.

He shakes his head. He really picked a fine woman with whom to fall in love. She's beautiful beyond words and the kindest soul he's ever known. She's smart and a good fighter and will stop at nothing to save an innocent, unless it's saving her own family. She's arguably the most powerful of the Halliwells, and she has become their matriarch with Prue's death. As beautiful as she is, her heart and soul are even more beautiful. It astonishes him every day that she loves him as he does her. After all, he's a Demon with nothing to offer her while she offers him the world.

And part of that world is her fine cooking. He's never eaten so much in his life! Piper not only enjoys caring for her family. She really does enjoy cooking, and her love for the art shows in every nibble of her creations. She's got him eating things he never thought he would before -- he actually enjoys some vegetables now! --, and she creates feasts of which he never would have dreamed. Why, just the other day she made an ice cream cake with the ice cream inside the cake! The things she makes happen really are curious creations sometimes, but every one of them is amazingly delicious.

A delectable aroma even now is pulling at his nostrils. Cole sniffs, and his stomach growls even though there's absolutely no reason why he should be hungry. She'd stuffed him full again this morning for breakfast with biscuits, sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, and something she called grits. He could barely even move when he went to Hell. No wonder those younger Demons nearly took him by surprise! He really does have to do something about this weight!

Still, it's almost as if his feet have a mind of their own as he finds himself hurrying down the staircase, taking the steps two at a time, and making a relatively swift beeline for the kitchen. He stops in shock as he enters the kitchen. There are three long, metal trays of cookies already on the table, and Piper's currently bent down with her back to him and taking two more trays out of the oven. He eyes that creation of Benjamin Franklin and wonders if the mortal genius ever knew what he was doing when he made it.

He edges closer, noting what's on the table -- coconut macaroons, sugar cookies with multicolored sprinkles, and Phoebe's favorite cheesecake balls -- and trying to grab a glance at what she's taking out. Piper straightens, and he realizes the view he just missed of her back side. He was too busy trying to see what she was making to grab the opportunity to view her beauty. Even that thought doesn't stop him from peering over the top of his sweetheart's dark-haired head and finally spying the source of the scent that brought him almost jumping down the stairs. Cole quite nearly licks his lips and stops himself from acting like a kid just in time.

"Cole," Piper says, beaming up at him as she turns around from putting the trays of chocolate chip cookies on top of her oven, "you're just in time! I made your favorites."

He grins like a fool in front of her, his stomach rumbling loudly. It seems, to him, to be loud enough to be heard throughout the Manor, but Piper makes no reaction if she hears the noisy beast. Instead, she continues, "You do want to let them cool a little first, though."

He stops his hand from reaching for one and instead places it determinedly on the small of her back. He curls his fingers around her waist, rips his eyes from the cookies, and grins down at her instead. "What's the occasion?"

"Do I have to have an occasion to cook for those I love?" she asks with a smile, but then she frowns a second later. Her beautiful lips falling into a pout takes his eyes back away from the chocolate chips calling his name again. "Okay, so I was trying to figure out how we're going to defeat Zscahbar. He's powerful -- "

"You and your sisters have defeated more powerful beings."

"Yes," she admits, "but we usually had a plan and we had Prue. Now Paige has twisted her ankle and Phoebe's having trouble with the spell and -- "

He cups her troubled face in his loving hands, finally succeeding in ignoring the cookies. "And you're worried everything's going to fall apart because you don't think you can lead them like Prue lead you."

"I know I can't," she murmurs, her deep, dark, rich eyes falling away from his.

His thumbs stroke her cheeks. "You can't be your sister, Piper," he acknowledges, "but just because you can't be Prue doesn't mean you can't win this fight or lead this family. I've watched you already lead them, and even before your sister's death, you saved them all many times. I know you can do this."

She looks up hesitantly. "You . . . " She searches his eyes. " . . . really believe in me, don't you?" she whispers.

He nods firmly. "I know you can do it," he tells her assuredly. "You are strong and smart, and you're going to make Zscahbar wish he had never met the Charmed Ones."

She grins. He leans down and takes her lips gently with his but not before murmuring softly, "I love you, Piper. You will save the day." He kisses her sweetly. Her lips and tongue quickly respond to his, and as their passion grows, Cole leans her against the counter. He's gentle with her, showing her every bit of his love, and takes his time with her, but when Piper moves her kisses to the arch of his neck, he can't keep his fingers of his left hand from trailing back over to the oven and snatching up a cookie.

If she knows he's nibbling while she's kissing him, she never makes a comment on it, and he only has one cookie before taking her lips with his again. He does, however, have a plan now. He's going to help his love defeat this Zscahbar and anyone else who comes along to trouble the Charmed Ones, but in between battles, he knows exactly what else to do to burn off these extra calories with which she's gifting him every day. He lifts her, spins her around in her kitchen where she shines brightest of all, sits her up on her counter, and begins putting his plan into motion right away, all while feeling truly blessed by her laughter, her love, and her treats, too.

The End
Tags: challenge: a to z, creation: fic

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