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Torrid Tuesdays: Are You Sleeping?


It’s (past) time for a weekly prompt with a saucy way about it. This week: Multiple choice on the theme of somnolent snogging…

Write us a fic where one of your characters is more with it than the other. As in they’re awake, and their other is not.

There are lots of ways to approach the concept, of course:
- One of them getting home from work in the middle of the night, because ….(____)
- One waking the other (with prior permission) in a creative way.
- Same, but without prior permission (a bit darker, perhaps)
- One waking up @3am to their other tip-toeing in from work/bachelor party/god knows where
- One waking and not able to sleep because of the thing that happened and…do they wake them to talk about it? For comfort? For distraction?
- Or (sniff) them each waking up alone, wondering where the other is and if they’re asleep?

You can go with fluffy as fluffy gets, dole out a heaping helping of hurt/comfort, or make it hotter than a Serano pepper.

Good luck, and hope the week treats you well!.
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