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Pool Party: Zootopia!

Title: Making Dreams Come True
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Zootopia
Character/Pairing: Nick/Judy
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words Pool Party to write in a new fandom
Warning(s): SPOILERS!
Word Count: 1,061
Date Written: 24 July 2016
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Disney, not the author, and are used without permission.

"It's really great to be back in Zootopia again and to see so many smiling faces. I believe this city will be the paradise we all want it to be, the utopia we all need it to be. Tonight, I've seen prey and predator dance side by side and some hand in hand."

"Is she talking about us?" Nick whispers, his ears laying back against his head and eyes darting to his partner. Judy just smiles and listens to Giselle, her own long ears perking forward in anticipation. She knows what's coming next before Giselle ever gets to her next word.

"Zootopia is about making dreams come true, and over the last few months, I've watched a very special friend help many of those dreams come true. Tonight we're going to make two more dreams come true." Giselle smiles, looking over her fans as the drumbeat that's been pounding rhythmically the entire time she's been talking picks up into a crescendo. "Chief Bogo and Officer Clawhauser -- "

A high-pitched screech of excitement wails through the crowd. Benjamin grabs his spotted cheeks in wonder, not daring to believe his ears. His long tail lashes through the air with his eagerness. The Chief, who's standing next to him and has been dancing with the cheetah all night, looks on in equal, but less animated disbelief.

" -- will you please come join me on stage so we can share a special song and dance together?"

"Are you listening to this?" Nick mutters in disbelief, his eyes darting back and forth between the famous gazelle and his favorite bunny. His eyes jump back to Judy and widen even more. "You knew about this!" he exclaims.

Judy smiles slyly as she drags one large foot across the dance floor. Her hands twist behind her back. "Maybe."

"You knew about this!" Nick exclaims again, turning to her while the crowd watches Bogo and Clawhauser eagerly make their way toward the stage. "She's letting those two up there while you're the one she should really be thanking!"

Judy's smile grows. "I am the one she's thanking," she explains, turning to Nick. "I could be up there if I want. She invited to be there for the whole concert. Where do you think I got our free tickets from?"

"You sly, little bunny!"

Judy's grins turns wide. "I could be up there," she says again, coming closer and reaching up over Nick's shoulders, "if I wanted to be, but I'm right where I want to be. Right here with this dumb fox," she teases, leaning up and kissing him. Her ears shoot up as Nick returns her kiss and wraps his arms around her. The new song begins, and their bodies begin to slide against each other's in time.

Nick's hands reach down until they grab her cotton tail. Judy jumps delightfully against him in surprise. He thought a sheep's wool was soft but had learned the night of their wedding that wool is nothing compared to a rabbit's soft, downy fur, especially their little, cotton tails. He lifts his head from hers to laugh gently. It's then that the fox's ears catch the words of the new song. "Do you hear that?" he whispers in excitement.

Judy's gazing at the stage in surprise. "I didn't know about this," she whispers back urgently. Her fur colors slightly, and Nick knows she's blushing.

"It's about time somebody gave you your due," he says of the song celebrating a female rabbit who beat all the odds and rose above everything to help love succeed in a world where others thought it could not. He nods and smiles proudly down at her. "Yup. That's you all right."

Judy's nose is twitching like mad. Its speed increases as Giselle sings about the rabbit not knowing when to stop and refusing to stop when everybody around her told her her dreams were impossible. Nick draws her closer against his side. "You all right, Hopps?"

"Yeah. I just . . . didn't know -- "

Judy's words are cut off by a boisterous voice thundering nearby, "WOO HOO! YEAH! THAT'S OUR JUDY! TELL 'EM ABOUT HER, GISELLE!"

Judy's and Nick's eyes both widen at the sight of the polar bear yelling and pumping her massive, white fists in the air. "That's -- " Judy says in surprise.

" -- Coach," Nick finishes for her, equally as surprised. "You know, she told me why she was so hard on you."

"She did, huh?" Judy asks, looking back at him.

"Yeah." Nick smiles. "She wanted you to succeed, Hopps, but she knew you had so much to overcome if you were going to survive out here. We all wanted you to succeed, and now look at you." He glances at where he can see Otterton whirling his wife around on the dance floor, up to Bogo and Clawhauser dancing on either side of their favorite, famous singer, back to Coach, and finally back to his beautiful, miracle-working wife. "You did succeed," he speaks softly and in awe. "You made all of our dreams come true."

Judy blushes again and draws her foot once more against the dance floor.

"You don't know when to stop," Nick continues, "and that's a good thing for all of us. I'm glad you didn't give up." He turns back to her.

"On the case," Judy asks softly, "or for you?" The strobe lights catch the tiny scars on Nick's cheek, and she reaches up to them. She touches them so softly that her touch is almost reverent. He barely feels her hand on his furry cheek, but the stroke he does feel sends delightful and honored sensations rocketing through his body.

He takes her other hand in his and brings it to his lips. "Both," he answers honestly.

Judy beams. The lights have zeroed in on them as Giselle's song reaches its climax, but she neither notices nor would care if she knew. "You sly fox," she says with great affection, "you know just the things to say, don't you?" She leaps up to his lips, her cotton tail shaking with fervor and love.

"You know how to bring it out of me, you sly bunny," Nick returns just before Judy's lips touch his. They kiss sweetly and passionately and continue to kiss as the world looks on, their own most cherished dreams made true too.

The End
Tags: challenge: pool party, creation: fic

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