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Monthly Madness: Genres

One of these days I’ll do a little research and find myself a list of topics to discuss.  Until then, you get my ‘by-the-seat-of-my-pants’ approach.

Today I want to talk about genres.  We all have at least one that we love above all else as well as that one we won’t touch with a ten foot pole.  What are your favorite genres (or even sub-genres, get specific if you like) to write in?  Is there one (or more) that you can’t ever see yourself dipping your toes into?  Even better, what’s the one genre you want to write in but haven’t quite tried yet?

As for me…

I’m an avid reader and it’s funny that the things I love to read aren’t necessarily the things I love to write.  When picking up a book, I tend to gravitate towards fantasy, murder mysteries or something paranormal.  When writing, however, I seem to lean heavily towards contemporary romances.  I did branch out last year and managed to write my first mystery (of sorts – the mystery itself wasn’t really all that good but my boys were sure a hit), so I’m rather proud of that.  The thing I’d love to write someday is an epic fantasy but I’m not all that good when it comes to devising intricate plot lines so I might just have to stick to reading my Terry Goodkind and Tad Williams.

What about all ya’ll?  What are you working on?  Having any troubles with it?  Hit us up for words of wisdom, support or general hoorays.  
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