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Weekend Challenge - Great Star Trek Quotes

Hello my lovelies! I am your hostess for this weekend's challenge. And in honor of the opening of the new Star Trek movie, I have complied a list of Star Trek quotes from The Original Series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. (The site I "borrowed" these quotes from didn't have any from Enterprise. I can't say why???) The quotes will include who is being quoted and the episode title from which the quote is taken. Don't know if this is important but it's on my list so I'll provide them to you.

Your mission (which is not a five year mission) is to request as many quotes from as many iterations of Star Trek as suits your fancy. This list of quotes available for your inspiration are as follows:

Original Series - 31 quotes

The Next Generation - 95 quotes

Deep Space Nine - 37 quotes

Voyager - 43 quotes

Soo..... if you want to play, provide me the show or shows, and the number or numbers of the quote you would like. For instance, you could request TNG - #33, and DS9 - #4 and #8. Makes sense? There's no limit to the number of quotes/shows you can request. I know everyone isn't a Star Trek fan, but I'm pretty sure there are quotes that will inspire those who would not necessarily sign up for the five year mission to go where no words have gone before.

Request away!!!
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