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Torrid Tuesdays: Sometimes a Fantasy...


Urgh..So sorry I'm late with this week's TT prompt! To make up for being late, here are two prompts- we'll make it an either/or thing, in case one does not work....

Prompt 1: Tell Me Your Fantasy....
Maybe your characters are sharing intimacies over drinks or a date or their first dinner home alone in peace all week. Maybe they keep a jar on top of the nightstand and drop slips of paper in whenever sexy inspriation strikes- and today they're pulling one out to give it a spin. Maybe it's the next to the last day of vacation and pouring so hard out that, well - there's really nothing else to do but explore, is there?

Prompt 2: I know it's awful hard to try to make love long distance...
Cell phone. Landline. Skype. Facetime. 'Nuff Said.

Extra points if you remember whose song led to prompt #2 and this week's title....*

Good luck! Hope the week treats you well.

*Kidding, there are no extra points, just the satisfaction of WORDS!
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