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Comment Fic Friday

Hello everyone! My goodness, I have been remiss! My reminders have slipped again, and I was so caught up in the 100-in-100 challenge, I had completely forgotten about giving you a prompt for comment fic for weeks now! Let's fix that now!

banner-comment fic friday-med.jpg

The prompt this time around is:

The Key

Now whether this is something like the key to a good recipe, the key to someone's heart, or that scene where one of your favourite characters gives their boyfriend or girlfriend the key to their home so they can come and go as they please, I'd love to see your take on it!

A comment fic is generally somewhere between 700-800 words, but we'll take more or less here at 1_million_words, so if you don't quite get to 700, or if you can't stop at 800, that's no problem - just give us what you've got! You can either post your creation directly in a comment to this post, or else post it where you normally keep your fics and link us in a comment here!

Any fandom (or original fic!), any genre, any style! And if graphics is more your thing, how about 8-10 icons or a banner/sigtag or two on the subject? Go forth and create! ;-)
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