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Weekend Challenge: Words, beautiful words

Hey all :)

I was going to say welcome to summer, but I look out of my window and the rain is bouncing off the floor, so we'll hold off on that.
The theme of this weeks weekend challenge is WORDS, they are pretty important in the grand scheme of things.

Your challenge is to comment here and I will give you between 1 and 10 random words. What ever you create has to take inspiration from that word you choose: if you write a fic it must start or end with that word and if you make a graphic it must contain that word somewhere in it. Once again I am putting no minimum or maximum, go crazy.

If you complete this challenge by the end of Monday GMT then I will either:
1 - Write you a fic from any of these fandoms:
2 - Make you a set of icons of your choice
3 - Write 100 words on one of my numourous WIPs

Good Luck All!
Guinea out xx
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