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BINGO: Veronica Mars: Birthday Fix-it // Never Surrender

Title: Birthday Fix-it
Author: Samantha
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Character/Pairing: Logan/Veronica
Rating: Pg-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words Bingo: Movie Quotes 3x3: A martini. Shaken. not stirred
Word Count: 430
Date Written: 28 June, 2016

"A martini. Shaken. not stirred," Logan snarked, handing her the glass.

Veronica rolled her eyes. "Thanks, Logan, but no thanks. You know I don't drink at parties."

Logan's eyes softened. "I made it myself; no one else touched the glass. It's safe."

Veronica looked into his eyes and with a sigh, she took it. "Thank you, but shouldn't you be with Parker? It is her birthday, after all."

Logan looked at the ground. "Yeah, about that. She kind of just broke up with me."

Her eyes widened. "She broke up with you? And on her birthday?"

He nodded. "She kind of saw how I looked at you and told me she couldn't compete against you when it was obvious I wasn't ready to let you go." He shrugged. "I guess I didn't do that good of a job of hiding how much I still love you."

"You still love me?" she whispered.

Her eyebrows furrowed. "Of course. How could you not know that?"

"Well, you seemed to move on so easily, and I thought..."

"You thought Parker took your place? She was a rebound, and I'm glad she didn't seem too angry when she dumped me." He paused. "I told you I loved you, and I can't just stop loving you."

Veronica bit her bottom lip momentarily before deciding it was time to put herself out there. Logan always did, and she should return the favor. "Logan, I was working on forgiving you, getting pass Madison. And then you asked me if it was okay for you to ask Parker out... I thought I was too late."

He cupped her cheek. "Oh, Veronica. I would probably wait for you forever if I had any indication that I stood a chance. You told me you'd never forgive me, though, and –"

"I know," Veronica interrupted, "but that was when I was at my angriest. When that cooled, I just needed to wait until I stopped having visions of you two together. It made physically ill, imagining how the night might have happened."

"Are you saying you want us to try again?"

Veronica placed her drink on the table, knowing she probably wouldn't pick it back up. "Let me answer in the best way I know how—without words." She stood on her toes and pressed her lips against his, wrapping her arms around his neck and sighing contently when he held her firmly against his body.

When they separated, Veronica smiled. "Does that answer your question?"

Logan's answer was to simply lean down and press his lips to hers once again.

Title: Never Surrender
Author: Samantha
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Character/Pairing: Logan/Veronica
Rating: Pg-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words Bingo: Movie Quotes 3x3: Free Space ("Never give up. Never surrender.") - Quote given by erinm_4600
Word Count: 167
Date Written: 28 June, 2016

Veronica laughed as Logan pinned her to the bed. "What was that Miss Mars?"

"You heard me." She wiggled until Logan loosen his grip and managed to knock him to the bed, quickly straddling him before he could retaliate and pressing all of her weight down onto him. "Never give up. Never surrender."

Even with her weight, he managed to free his hands and grab her waist. "I love a girl who never surrenders."

She smirked. "Good." She ground her pelvis down against him, enjoying his groan as his trapped erection pressed pleasantly against her core.

His hands left her waist to grab her breasts. She threw her head back, moaning loudly as he tweaked her nipples just right.

With her hands on his chest, she used it as leverage to lift her hips up and then slam down, taking his erection inside of her.

And after that, everything was fast and furious for the rest of the night, until they passed out due to sleep deprivation.

Tags: challenge: bingo, creation: fic

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