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Weekend Challenge: Tom, Dick or Harry?

This week I have a selection of song titles from Tom, Dick (well, Richard, but who am I to quibble?) and Harry for you to choose from for inspiration!

I have 15 titles from each of Tom Petty, Richard Thompson and Harry Chapin. Now, these song-writers/artists don't have to be familiar to you, nor do you have to know the songs! Like Sharpie did a couple of weeks ago with the ol' Jimmy B, I have picked out some fairly well-known songs by the gentlemen in question that I think may inspire you to create at least 300 words/1 banner/3 icons or more, regardless of your knowledge of the artists!

If you succeed in posting something before midnight Sunday (in your own local time) and link it back to me here, I will reward you with at least an icon/drabble/100 words in a WIP, in whatever fandom or style you choose. If it's not one I'm familiar with, you'll most likely get an icon or I'll do the 100 words in whichever of my WIPs I feel inspired to, but otherwise I'll do my best! Bear in mind I do like a prompt to kick me off for drabbles - preferably a word or a short sentence/phrase that may give ME ideas!

Now, to business: Hit me with a comment and let me know if you want Tom, Dick or Harry; give me a number or numbers from 1-15 as well, and I'll give you the corresponding song-title! What you do with these creatively is up to you - fandomwise or any other way! And if the title alone doesn't inspire you, try googling the lyrics or checking out YouTube for the whole song to see if that gives you a little extra to work with! Good luck! ;-)
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