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Lifetime supply of Mondays!

Hello and happy Monday to you. *headdesk*


You’re all awesome, you know I adore you. How’s your bingo? How’s your 100-in-100? How’s your day going?

I have no brain today. Just… yeah. So straight to the Pin - I wish I had a lifetime supply of…

My first thought, you ask? Cheese. Seriously, my first thought was cheese. Clearly I’m hungry. Although even sated my first thought would be cheese.

My second thought, OTC pain killers that work. I overdid yesterday. I’m trying to move more with the goal of being able to do things in Hawaii, and yesterday I was quite sluggish. I needed to make it up and walked around the pool until I hit all my steps for the day. 2.25 miles. Not a heck of a lot for those of you who are in shape, but if you’re in MY shape it’s a lot. And today it feels like it was a lot. So yeah, OTC pain killers that worked would be fabulous.

My third though, and it’s so strange that it was that far down the list, is cash. Does the treasury have a contest with that as the big prize? HA! I don’t even think the cheese people would do that. IF I had a lifetime supply of cash, I could buy the cheese that I could metaphorically dangle as a carrot and THAT would make me walk multiple miles and not care about the pain. Wait, what? There’s cheese? Yeah, I’ll train for a triathlon!

So answer that, would you? What non-money thing would you like a lifetime supply of, and what would you buy with a lifetime supply of cash?

Let’s punch this week in the face!
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