kahuna_burger (kahuna_burger) wrote in 1_million_words,

It's your lucky weekend! (or not)

So this challenge idea came to me on a Friday the 13th weekend, but hopefully it will still be fun if not thematic for this one. I've got a couple of lists of superstitions to work from, and you just have to tell me if you want Good Luck, Bad Luck or Changing your Luck. The first two are the 'signs and portents' sort of superstitions - things that happen or that you do by accident which cause good or bad luck. The third would be traditional ways of bringing yourself luck, making wishes, etc. You can ask for up to three prompts total, or if you want one prompt on a theme to jumpstart an idea (such as wedding or baby superstitions, or ones from a particular culture) just ask.
Tags: weekend: challenge

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