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Motivation Monday

What motivates you?

Good morning and welcome to Monday (or Tuesday if it happens like that for you). I had quite the busy weekend, but not word wise, which is discouraging. And again, in my absence you were all so awesome!

How is your bingo going? Did you notice we have the last Rainy Days and Mondays of the year? Have you checked out the words of the day lately? We are kicking butt with the prompts!

So, I’m in the midst of the whole ‘making my life a better place’ – although, aren’t we all? – and there is so much improvement needed. Make more words, move more, eat less, be nicer (believe me when I tell you that you folk get all the nice I have to give and the people who come into my office are all generally SOL), keep the house neater, groom the dog more often, drink all 8 glasses of water, read more books, find a way to alter time and fit it all in. You know the drill. And then, of course, with so much to get done, it frequently seems impossible, just one long day at work and I have no ambition but to sit in front of CSI episodes and play Panda Pop. (True story.)

I’ve found a ‘pin’ to motivate. Actually several, but one in particular ”Punch today in the face.” I don’t know if it’s meant to just justify your feelings on a crappy day, but I take it as motivation. At any point in a crappy day I can choose to punch the bad day in the face and make it a better day. Get my steps in, do the dishes, ramble out some words. It works for me.

What works for you? Do you have a go to phrase that brings you back from just wanting to sit on your butt and pretend the world doesn’t exist? Do you have a quote that makes you strive to be the person you want to be? Is there a saying that makes you get up and go?

I really wanna know!
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