Kat Lee (katleept) wrote in 1_million_words,
Kat Lee

And the Daily Challenge goes to . . .

Thanks to haldoor for choosing me! I'm still not really feeling the magic of the words, but I'm gonna blame that on being so tired from work and all the recent overtime. At least seeing that today was my day before falling in bed yesterday (after pulling an eight hour shift after only about two hours' sleep) gave me the strength and encouragement to get up a half hour early and get a little writing done.

I know my butt'll probably be busted again by the time I get back home today, so I'm calling it quits with just under 1,600 words (two drabbles and a fic) that I hope to get to post soon and calling on . . .

galadriel34 to come rock our comm next with all her/his goodness! Best of luck to you, mate, rather you draw or write or do it all!!

And I'm gonna ask for repeats since this seems to be about the only way I can get myself writing lately.
Tags: daily: count challenge

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