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Bingo Cards: At the Movies

With heffermonkey 's blessing, here is the next group of bingo cards!

Movie Genres

 photo 3x3_Movies_Genre_zpszibu3tly.jpg

 photo 2x2_MovieGenres_A_zpskuppaqcw.jpg  photo 2x2_MovieGenres_B_zpsrf5pvniv.jpg

Movie Quotes
 photo 3x3_Movies_Quotes_zpsfuzfchz0.jpg

 photo 2x2_MovieQuotes_B_zpstpmp3b3c.jpg  photo 2x2_MovieQuotes_A_zpskqhru9nm.jpg

Film Titles
 photo 3x3_FilmTitles_zps39gbkbam.jpg

 photo 2x2_MovieTitles_A_zps98iacqde.jpg  photo 2x2_MovieTitles_B_zpsaqormktz.jpg

Have fun!

Action Adventure Cards created by agdhani can be found HERE

Character, Qualities, and Motivations cards can be found HERE

Rules for Bingo can be found HERE

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