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Weekend Challenge volunteers, please!

We have such a great comm! So many word-makers, graphics-makers, beta-readers, cheerleaders, and idea-spreaders! I would like to celebrate you all today, and also thank you all for coming on board and always be so willing to share, celebrate and encourage each other! I would also like to thank each and every member who has joined in and taken our little comm. to heart.


Now, I also need to ask a favour - needless to say! But that certainly isn't the only reason to tell you all how wonderful you are - it just felt like ages since I'd done it!

And the favour is this: we need more weekend challenge volunteers! Our schedule is almost at an end once more, so I need to get the second half of the year's schedule up and running! If you want to go again, yay! If you've never done it but have been dying to run one yourself - come on down! Maybe a couple of you want to co-run something - it's all good!

If you're not sure how it works, have a look at this post for a copy of the current schedule, and check out the FAQ or some of the previous weekend challenges (see the pretty tags!) for an idea.

Basically, on a Friday afternoon (or at the latest Saturday morning), you throw out some kind of challenge to be completed by Sunday or Monday (challenger's choice of timezone) and for those who make it in time, you offer rewards like drabbles, icons, sigtags, words in a WIP or whatever else you feel able to provide. There is no upper limit to what people taking part can complete, but you'd normally suggest a lowish minimum like 300 words or 3 icons, so it's do-able in a weekend for those who are busy or limited in their output. We have had all sorts of challenges before now, and any can be repeated in your own style, but maybe you've got some fresh new ideas - it's all welcome here; we're just after something to prompt people to make more written or graphic words!

So if you're keen to have a go, comment here! The first available weekend is 8-10 July 2016, and we'll keep going till the last weekend in December (which I'll take if no one else can manage it). In your comment, be sure to note any specific weekends/periods you cannot take, and/or periods you would prefer your date/s to be in, and how many weekends you feel able to deal with. There are 26 of 'em, so plenty to go around! Come on along; it's fun!

I'll leave this post open for replies for about a week, and then start working on the schedule! ;-)
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