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Good morning!  Or evening, or whatever wherever you are!

The internet and my laptop are not on speaking terms yet again.  This means that big buddy will have to wait until I get to work, and that this is coming to you from my phone (a lovely place where LJ & spellcheck don't talk to each other).  Yay!

I play a lot on pinterest.  I pin a lot of motivational stuff and prompts and houseplans, oddly enough.  And I thought I'd start bringing you some motivational/discussion starting pins.

For today:

Tell me something good.. Something good about your upcoming day/week/month/year.  Tell me something planned that you are looking forward to.  Write a comment, link a blog post, make a graphic that displays you enthusiasm.  Consider it an assingment/ challenge or give me a simple sentence.  Tell me something good.

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