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Rainy Days and Bad Habits...

Ahhh, Rainy Days and Mondays - you've flown this year, you really have. Next week, we'll enjoy one more of you and then.... time to turn, turn, turn toward Torrid Tuesdays. We'll be sorry to see you go, but... Torrid Tuesdays!

Let's see what we can do with this week's prompt. I kind of like it, myself - but I do love some angst.

Your Prompt, should you decide to take it up: Baby, you're a bad habit  - and lucky for you, I like ruts....

Write us a fic about a character knowing they should *do* something about this. About them. But... not quite in a place to actually move forward. Write about love that's so, so good, even when it's bad.

Is this their last capitulation? Or just one of many to come? It's up to you what comes next, so ....tell us a story.

Good luck, and Happy Monday.

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