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WIP Challenge banners

Hey everyone, how's Bingo going? I hope you guys have made a start, and heffermonkey will probably be along soon with some more cards for you to choose from!

And for those people who played in last month's challenge, I have finished the reward banners, so without further ado,

Firstly, for those members who managed to finish off a Work in Progress or two, we have two winners:

YAY, Asphalt and Baby! You guys did awesome! :D

And then a bunch of us managed to get in more words in an ongoing WIP, which is always worth celebrating. Those of us in this categrory are:

If one of these is yours, congratulations! And keep working on those unfinished projects; every word counts! ;-)

Pick yours out and display it wherever you want - you deserve it! Well done, everyone (and if you worked on a WIP last month and there isn't a banner here for you, let me know in comments and I'll gladly make you one!)
Tags: admin: rewards, challenge: wip push
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