Starrie Wolf (starry_wolf) wrote in 1_million_words,
Starrie Wolf

Birthdays: June

June's a very busy month, with lots of variety to choose from - never say you can't find a single fandom you know of again!

Starting off the month we have starry_wolf, right on 1st June itself, and zyr wishlist is right here.

Two weeks later, there's lotrspnfangirl, on 14th June! Annnnd despite the username, there are many other fandoms in the wishlist, so do check it out!

On 17th June there's itsanonyx, and her wishlist can be found here.

Nearer the end of the month, we have our second final June dweller craterdweller on 24th June, but don't wait until that long to check out crater's wishlist!

And if none of those pique your fancy, we're not even done yet - jesseofthenorth's birthday is on 29th June, so have a look at the wishlist!

Yes, five people spanning the whole month! You have no excuse not to make something this time!

As always, comments are screened, so leave a note here if you're making anything for any of them!
Tags: challenge: birthdays

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