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Mondays on Tuesdays and Reminders.

UGH!!! I tried to tell you how awesome you are yesterday, but failed miserably. It is nice to know you all continue to be awesome without me telling how awesome you really are. 'How awesome are we?' you ask. You are a spaniel in doggles with his head out the window awesome! Awesome on top of Awesome!

SO - counting happens tomorrow morning! That means numbers need to be updated! We have time to scramble and get a few things done, but I'm counting at about 5 AM EST, so hustle on over to the counter posts and update!!!!

Other than that - The 100-in-100 is still going strong and I am so very proud! We're more than halfway through. And WIP push has been producing finished things! MAY has been aMAYzing! (see what I did there?)

Other than bingo, what are your big plans for the upcoming month/week/vacation season? How will you extend your awesomeness?
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