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Bingo - Prompts

Hey folks, the votes are in and we have our five themes.  Now it's time for you to prompt away so we can make up the cards.

 Please leave prompts for the following themes and make sure you make it clear which theme the prompts you leave are for.

Our Bingo Themes this round are:

1) Fandom - Tropes and Genres (eg Angst, Humour, 'Five times', Meet Cute)

2) Photo Prompts - Please keep the pictures small OR leave a link to a picture you'd like included OR give a prompt that we can find a picture for

3) Movies - Titles, Quotes and Genres (EG Back to the Future, Sci Fi, 'Nobody puts Baby in the corner')

4) Action Adventure - (Eg Car Chase, Bungee Jump, Shoot out)

5) Colours - Again this could be a picture link OR any colour that you think would inspire a fic.  Or think outside the box (eg Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Red Red Wine, Cerise, Lime)
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