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60 in 60 / WIP report-in

I have been so remiss! Swept up with things I need to do, so excuse me for not getting in more of these!

To anyone working on a WIP: drop and give me 60 words (or more) in 60 mins as soon as you can after you see this post!

 photo WIP Push-May16-banner_zpsaj7dqhnc.jpg

Come on down now and let me know how you're doing with your WIP or just do some words and report in! if you're done, are you sending it to beta, expecting to post soon, have posted, or elsewhere right now? I am still slaving over mine, hoping to at least have it finished and maybe ready to post part of it by the 31st, since I doubt it will be the whole thing... it's over 10K and not at all feeling near finished. *sigh*
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