Lou (heffermonkey) wrote in 1_million_words,

Bingo - Themes

'Themes' is the theme for today's post.  In order to make Bingo cards we need Themes and then prompts for those Themes.  So if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment. We will have a vote in a few days to decide which Themes will be part of Bingo.  Perhaps there are themes you've never seen in Bingo but want to see.  Or you have old favourites which you'd like to continue.  All ideas welcome, think outside the box, it could prove to be very inspiring.

I'm going to request everyone keeps it to say a minimum of three suggestions each as, if the majority of people all post several ideas, it's a lot to sift through and needle down.

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I'll be taking suggestions for Themes until Thursday the 19th and then they will be collated for a vote at the weekend before we request prompts.
Tags: challenge: bingo

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