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Weekend Challenge: Music

OK, it's a bit last minute because I only realised the scheduled person hadn't replied yet a couple of hours ago, so I'm jumping in with a quick one here!

As I'm not really prepared I figured the easiest thing to go for is a music challenge! Comment here and I will spin the random thing on my iPod - you choose how many songs you want and I will give you song title and artist. You can then use one (or more) of the titles as your inspiration, or you can look up and use any of the lyrics to give you ideas if the title/s don't work, or find the video online and see if something in the visuals inspires you - I leave that up to you! It shouldn't matter if you've never heard of the song, it's the words/pictures or whatever you take from it that you use for inspiration.

If the one/s I've given you do nothing for you, ask for replacement/s and we'll try again!

Anyone who gets more than 500 words or 5 icons/a banner/wallpaper done by midnight Sunday in your local timezone, will get at least 100 words or an icon of their choice from yours truly. My fandoms are here but I'll do icons in any fandom or of any scene/idea/funny thing you like. I could also add 100 words to the WIP I'm currently working on for this month's challenge, if you prefer or don't want a reward.

Now come on out, ask for a hit! ;-)
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