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May Challenge: WIP Push

I'm a little late to get started, but the challenge for May is another WIP Push!

Do you have a longer fic that you're despairing of ever getting finished? Maybe you're working on something but it's just not coming together and you really just want to get those final few words/paragraphs/pages done! THIS IS YOUR MONTH!

 photo WIP Push-May16-banner_zpsaj7dqhnc.jpg

Starting today, I challenge those of you who have WORKS IN PROGRESS to get at least one of them finished and posted by the end of May! Link us to your work when you're done and I will personally make you a 'completion' banner once the month is done. If you don't quite make it to finished, but you feel like you've moved on extremely well and are getting closer to the end, I'll make you a 'progress made!' banner for taking part. Sound good? I thought so!

Whether it's a masterpiece or something else is irrelevant; let's get it finished! I'll post every so often to check on your progress, and I'll also throw in some of kaige68's famous '60 in 60' posts to help push you along! If anyone wants to run some Word Races during the month, feel free to do so - anything that helps us get things finished is welcome!

So come on down, bring out your WIPs and get cracking! Starting NOW - GO! ;-) (and don't forget, this fits in fine with any other challenge that you like, be it word of the day, any of the weekly prompts, 100-in-100, etc.)
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