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I is for Interruption

Title: Interrupted
Author: Samantha
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Character/Pairing: Logan/Veronica
Rating: R/M
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words A to Z Challenge: I
Warning(s): Sexual Content
Word Count: 286
Summary: Season 3. Veronica and Logan are making up for lost time when the unthinkable happens.

Logan's lips latched onto Veronica's neck.

She moaned, arching into his body as her hands found his hair. She felt his erection through all of their clothes and snuck her hand between their two bodies, unbuttoning his jeans and wiggling her fingers beneath the waistband.

He thrust into her hand and cup her breasts with his own hands. His lips left her neck to trail down her front, mouthing her breasts through her clothes.

She whimpered, not able to put the words to what she wanted, but thankfully he understood.

He sat back on his hunches and quickly got rid of his shirt.

Ignoring his own jeans, he helped her out of her own pants. He bent so he was eye level with her bottom half and nosed her panties covered crotch. He moved the flimsy material away and just as his tongue was about to send her to heaven –

The bedroom door slammed open and both of them jumped. Logan quickly grabbed the blanket and covered
Veronica and turned a fiery glare onto the interruption, who stood gaping in the doorway.

"Dick! Don't you ever knock?!"

"Don't blame me! I didn't know you hooked up with Ronnie again! But dude. Why? Why? Why?" he whined pathetically.

Logan reached down to the ground and grabbed the fallen pillow. Then he threw it at the overgrown kid. "Get Out!"

Dick ducked the pillow missile and quickly closed the door, and thankfully, he was on the other side of it.

He turned back to Veronica and once again, leaned down to go back to his goal, when Veronica angrily pushed him away. "You're kidding me, right? The mood is officially ruined."

Logan sighed. Cockblocked by his own friend.
Tags: challenge: a to z, creation: fic

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