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Star Trek fic: Naked & Willing

Title: Naked & Willing
Characters: Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy/Pavel Chekov/Jim Kirk (and eventual McCoy/Chekov), Star Trek AOS (but feel free to picture whichever versions of the characters you like!)
Word Count: 5124
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Threesome sex; just barely legal age sex; no spoilers for any actual scenes (though don’t we wish it was?) ;-P
Disclaimer: I have never remotely owned anything near like the rights to any part of the Star Trek universe; I play with the characters for my own amusement and don’t receive any payment except my own (and hopefully my readers’) pleasure!
Beta: the unparalleled siluria, who is always willing, if not actually naked, while reading for me
Summary: Bones knows Chekov has a crush on him; he’s doing all he can to discourage it, but James T. Kirk has other, self-involving, ideas
Author’s Notes: This originated from a 1_million_words prompt from one of the challenges (which one I cannot for the life of me remember) that went something like ‘one of your characters wakes up unexpectedly in in bed between two others’. This rather silly and hopefully sexy piece was the result. It is, naturally enough, written for my slash twin – my partner in crime – kaige68, and is just in time to be counted for April at the comm. My darlink – ENJOY!

This fic can also be read here on AO3
Tags: creation: fic

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