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Beta resource

I was on Pinterest last week - as I am want to do - and I stumbled across a link to a blog about Beta Reader Ettiquette. It talks about critiquing in a positive and productive way, and then it talks about taking in that critique in a positive and productive way.

I am not kidding you when I say that in the last week I have had three different conversations about this topic. One about what a writer could be looking for from their reader. One about what the reader could be trying to give to their writer. And the last conversation was about finding you find someone you can mesh with. It's a beautiful thing when a writer and reader can make a team. It doesn't always go well, personalities and defenses clash; but when it's good, it's great!

So go read the article. If you are solely a writer or a reader, it may give you a better perspective of the other side of the fence. It's not waffle cheese, but it's still good.
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